Mapping the Gilets Jaunes’ Protests Routes

mentors: Marc Schoonderbeek, Oscar Rommens



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The Saturday Walks

The “Yellow Vests” movement has triggered great tensions between the French authorities and the communities inhabiting the country’s peripheries, forming the most important protest movement since the May ’68 social unrest.

The Saturday protests have become an inherent condition interfering with Parisians’ weekend agenda. The hereunder mapping, being a core product of the research, stands for an attempt to encounter key protest locations when superposing the routes of the first 70 “acts” (as the protests were called) in a single cumulative map artwork.

To gather the data concerning each week's protest routes as well as the information concerning characteristics of the movement itself, the Gilets Jaunes’ communication channels (such as video-sharing platforms, social media, official websites) were explored alongside with the sociological literature that has already been published on the movement.

To execute the desired elaboration of the gathered and superimposed data, the CAD software paired with the author’s counting algorithm was applied. Eventually, the resultant mapping enables to discover, apart from the most exposed ones, less obvious areas of protest in Paris, and ultimately, unveils the Gilets Jaunes’ proper topology of the capital city.

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