nomad shelter



adaptablity = personalisation

project propose how to improve the life quality in refugee camps, providing a new type of prefabricated shelter, regarding the Syrian crisis. one of the main problems of residing at refugee camps is the sensation of being isolated in homogenous, anonymous shelters.
The proposed solution, apart from principals of affordability and ease of transport, also provides dwellers with more personalized, intimate space.
Such aim could be achieved by designing a shelter that could be easily and individually transformed, at the same time creating more diverse environment in the scale of entire camp.

foldable shelter in a flat sheet

the polyhedron net-like ”house sheet”, based on the 240x240x19cm modules that could be stacked on top
of each other, was designed in order to reduce potential stocking costs after being fabricated.
The maximum number of 4 such sheets can packed in one 40ft shipping container and shipped to refugee
camp site. Every unit offers two different forms of accommodation depending on the particular family needs, as well as on the particular moment of the day, in different seasonal conditions.

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