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teaching english with daylight

despite most children in Sub-Saharan Africa having access to free primary education, literacy rate remains low. According to 2012 UNESCO statistics, 47 percent of adults and 28 percent of young people aged 15-24 are illiterate.

is there any way that architecture can contribute to tackling this issue?

what if we taught language with daylight?

could the African omnipresent sunlight become a free English teacher, giving different class every single hour during the day?

the perforated shell enables daylight to penetrate the installation and project itself on the inside wall painted with pictograms that depicts basic items, animals, or symbols. Their equivalents inscripted in English cover the stone floor slab.

this way, by pairing the right word with its proper pictogram, pupils can be given multiple language lessons during daytime,
as the light constantly changes its projection angle.

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